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Unleashing Social Change

Sep 29, 2020

LaShawn Routé Chatmon and Kathleen Osta, Executive Director and Managing Director of the National Equity Project, are unapologetic about advancing equity from a place of love. Join us for this inspiring and thought-provoking conversation as they discuss a unique form of leadership that is called for in these times, what Francesca Gino calls “Rebel Leadership.” This kind of leadership invites us to stand firmly in the midst of persistent injustice and racial reckoning without giving up on our collective humanity. This kind of leadership requires us to be courageous and humble at the same time. Becky has witnessed LaShawn and Kathleen demonstrate this kind of leadership many times over the years they’ve known one another, and we are so delighted to hear them speak about it here. We need more of this kind of leadership in the world.  

LaShawn Routé Chatmon and Kathleen Osta, National Equity Project


  • What is the National Equity Project?

  • Three questions you should yourself before you say something you might regret

  • Why it takes training and preparation to not restrain your humanity as a leader

  • Why they say, “The soft stuff is the hard stuff.”

  • Why we need to dissolve the boundaries between community and school

  • Standing in the “not knowing” instead of jumping to “we have this under control”

  • A glimpse into the 20 year and going strong friendship between LaShawn & Kathleen


  • National Equity Project Twitter: @equityproject



  • Francesca Gino - Rebel Talent


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